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<h1>Recent Changelogs</h1>

<h2>28 april 2024</h2>
<li>Added a level catchup system which grants XP rate bonus for low level players until reaching X level of #1 highest level player.</li>
<li>Added small text upon leveling up, to see how long it took.</li>
<li>Increase chance of finding magical dust in orc dungeon monsters.</li>
<li>Increase chance of finding magical dust in infernal dungeon.</li>

<h2>25 april 2024</h2>
<li>Bugfixes on outfitreward on Echoes of Tomorrow quest.</li>
<li>Fixed questlog bug where Fires from below showed as completed when finishing Echoes of Tomorrow quest.</li>
<li>Reduced hp & resistances for monsters in Ezequiels Solitude quest.</li>

<h2>24 april 2024</h2>
<li>Changed EXP reward to endgame quest completion (4kk XP each).</li>
<li>Reduced hp & resistances for monsters in Ezequiels Solitude quest.</li>
<li>Added new rings for each class with special bonus.</li>
<li>Changed !refillboots cost to 10 GH tokens.</li>
<li>Fixes of some general issues.</li>

<h2>19 april 2024</h2>
<li>Changed all end-game quest level requirements to level 200+ instead of 250+.</li>
<li>Added Askarak/Shaburak demon spawn (ED Spawn) in Hell Zone.</li>
<li>Nerfed HP of Mad Ghosts, Blind Ghouls, and Old Mummys in Secrets of Apherumes Quest by 10k each.</li>

<h2>17 april 2024</h2>
<li>Increased overall damage of Knights.</li>
<li>Adjusted mana steal / life steal values.</li>
<li>Increased loot chance for shaburak and askarak monsters.</li>

<h2>14 april 2024</h2>
<li>Fixed bug with +hp and + hp% magic attribute.</li>
<li>Softboots can now be refilled with command !softboots for 30k.</li>
<li>Raised hero loot drops slightly.</li>

<h2>13 april 2024</h2>
<li>Paralyze rune has been adjusted.</li>
<li>rb of Enchantment is now available at Goblin shop for 500 GT.</li>
<li>New client update to make way for new content.</li>

<h2>12 april 2024</h2>
<li>Bomberman is now active at 22:00.</li>
<li>Added product +6 auto loot slots to the in-game store (maximum of 40 slots).</li>
<li>Access to the museum in Thais has been added through the casino basement.</li>
<li>The issue with the bugged houses in Oramond has been resolved.</li>
<li>Champion NPC bug fixed.</li>
<li>Adjusted salvage rates for all dropped magical items except legendaries.</li>
<li>Updated Yasir to buy trophies.</li>
<li>Fixed bug in autoloot module by removing item adding by ID.</li>

<h2>11 april 2024</h2>
<li>Nerfed GT online time reward to 1x each hour; minimum level to receive GT from online time reward is now 50.</li>
<li>Fixed minotaur guard skinning bug.</li>
<li>Adjusted event announcement messages to make them more apparent.</li>
<li>Adjusted Task Shaman NPCs requirements.</li>
<li>Removed randomization from Champion Task reward.</li>

<h2>08 april 2024</h2>
<li>Adjusted set-bonus for 'new mage set', now gives +30 hp instead of +60.</li>
<li>Adjusted target change on asuras, lowered from 40% to 20%.</li>
<li>Added all asuras to asuras task.</li>
<li>nline time token reward changed to 2x per hour.</li>
<li>Event prizes reworked to give more tokens.</li>
<li>Fixed speedbug in Gold Rush event.</li>
<li>Team Deathmatch max lives adjusted.</li>
<li>Applied fix for CTF event.</li>
<li>Fix for hits on zombies in event.</li>
<li>Added level requirement door for Quest in Hero cave in Rissne.</li>
<li>Paypal donation now works fully, will auto pay out points.</li>

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