Dungeons Overview

Dungeon system

Link to in-depth exploration of our game's dungeon system, featuring layouts, challenges, and rewards.

Explore Grimhaven's Randomly Generated Dungeons
We are excited to unveil our Randomly Generated Dungeon System, the result of dedicated efforts and innovation. Time and craftsmanship have been invested to bring you a dynamic dungeon experience.
As of now, we have created 3 random dungeons, each offering a unique adventure. Stay tuned as we continue to expand our dungeon repertoire with more exciting challenges.
Delve into these dungeons to discover a trove of treasures ! Unearth Gems, Magical Dust, and gain valuable experience as you navigate through the depths.
Dungeon Missions
Class-Specific Rewards Explore dungeons to discover rewards tailored to your character's class.
In-Dungeon Missions Undertake challenging missions within the dungeon, including:
  • Time Trials: Race against the clock to complete the dungeon swiftly.
  • Kill All Minibosses: Take on formidable minibosses and earn bonus loot.
  • Kill All Monsters: Clear the dungeon of all monsters to enhance your loot in the reward room.
Gems Discover Gems of varying rarities depending on the difficulty of the dungeon.
Magical Dust Collect magical dust to enchant your gear. Amount varies depending on difficulty.
Increased XP The custom monsters in the dungeon provide increased XP.