Monster Eggs Overview

Monster Egg Overview

Link to in-depth information on our game's monsters and bosses, including strategies and loot.

Monster Egg System - What is it?
Prepare for a thrilling challenge with our Monster Egg System! These global random drops hold the key to summoning powerful foes in the monster arena, located conveniently in Thais Depot. Unleash these formidable adversaries for a chance to reap extraordinary rewards through our Magic Item System.

Egg Rarities
Summons a Common Egg monster, a small challenge
Summons an Uncommon Egg monster, a moderate challenge.
Summons a Rare Egg monster, a formidable challenge. Bring your potions..
Summons a Legendary Egg monster, an epic challenge. Bring your friends..
Summons a Godly Egg monster, an unparalleled challenge. Bring an army..
Potential Rewards
Orb of Enchantments
Upgrade your gear with the power of enchantments.
Grimhaven Tokens
Valuable tokens for exclusive items and rewards.
Magical Dust
Enhance your enchanting capabilities.
Unlock the potential of our custom Gem System.
Challenging Yet Rewarding:
Engage in battles that test your mettle. These monsters are tough, but the rewards are well worth the effort. They have an increased chance to drop loot with magical properties, offering you the chance to enhance your character with powerful items.