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Changelog until 2024-04-07
by GM Neno
GM Neno

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Changelog until 2024-04-07
<h1>Server Changes Since Launch</h1>
<li><span class="change-title">Server save time:</span> Changed to 08:00 CET</li>
<li><span class="change-title">Winter Zone:</span> Removed Crystal Wolves, replaced with Winter Wolves/Frost Giants</li>
<li><span class="change-title">ramond:</span> Fixed "player disappearing bug"</li>
<li><span class="change-title">PoI reward room:</span> Entrance bug fixed</li>
<li><span class="change-title">Task kill messages:</span> Now sent in Default chat</li>
<li><span class="change-title">Undead Dungeon:</span> Token cost removed</li>
<li><span class="change-title">Task module:</span> Fixed certain monsters not working</li>
<li><span class="change-title">Autoloot slots:</span> Increased to 10</li>
07.04.24 17:26:40